SSB Selection Process: SSB Rounds, Strategy to Crack SSB Interview

SSB Selection Process: SSB (Services selection Board) is an organization that examines candidates for admission into the armed forces of India. The board conducts personality and intelligence test and interview. The SSB is held in specified locations spread over a number of days.

The candidates who have passed UPSC written exam or in any special recommendation are viable to selection process of SSB. There is a combined SSB conducted for Indian Army and Navy entries, controlled by the Directorate of Recruiting under Adjutant Generals Branch whereas air force has separate entities administrated by Directorate of Personnel, Air Headquarters.

Below is the article which will guide you in regard to some of the important points of SSB such as SSB Exams, SSB Rounds, How to Crack SSB, SSB Books & Study Material. To have the whole grasp you have stopped at the right article keep scrolling for further details.

What is SSB? and who can Apply it?

SSB is the personality and intelligence interview which is run for a period of 5 days to analyze each candidates potential and compatibility for commission into the armed force of India.

The candidates eligibility varies as per their qualification and the process for their selection also varies and after selection different terms of training period is provided but one common thing in all is SSB through which further selection of candidate is carried out.

Male Candidate who has passed 12th can apply for NDA exam which is conducted twice a year.  Graduate candidate can apply for CDS exam which is again conducted twice a year.

For both these exams written exam is conducted and whosoever clearing written exam is eligible for SSB process.

While there are some direct recruitment where there is no written exam and direct interview is conducted after which candidate has to appear for SSB process for eg. Direct entry scheme, University entry scheme for technical graduates.

Defence Exams

Candidates who are looking for Career in defence, must also check these exams below:

SSB Exams

The SSB process either for written cleared candidates or direct interview cleared candidates is done for many exams. The SSB interview is conducted for the academies which include that of  Naval Academy which requires a bachelor’s degree in engineering, air force academy which requires a degree in B.Sc with physics and maths or B.Tech.

Indian Military Academy (IMA) and Officers training academy (OTA) which requires a Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university.

SSB Dates for NDA Exam

SSB is most commonly conducted for NDA candidates. Any 12th passed or appearing candidate is eligible for the same. So candidates must have the detailed knowledge of the dates in regard to the NDA exam which have been compiled below in the below table.

Written exam Last week of April 1st week of September
Result of written exam 2nd week of May 1st week of October
SSB Dates July-August In the month of January
Generation of Merit Updated soon 1st week of June

SSB Dates for CDS Exam

CDS exam is conducted by UPSC after the result of written exam SSB is conducted for the same any graduate passed appearing candidate is eligible for the CDS. So candidates must have the detailed knowledge of the dates in regard to the CDS 2020 exam which have been compiled below in the form of a table.

Written exam 1st week of February 3rd week of November
Result of written exam Last week of March 1st week of January
SSB Dates Update soon Update soon
Generation of Merit Update soon Update soon

SSB Rounds

There are five rounds conducted under SSB. These rounds will start from reporting which candidate must make sure to reach the venue in the proper timing along with necessary documents.

  • Day 1: Screening test
  • Day 2: Psychological test
  • Day 3& 4: Group Testing Officer task
  • Day 5: Conference

SSB Interview

Candidates clearing the NDA, CDS , AFCAT exam will be called upon for interview it is must for all the candidates to appear in SSB interview for their final selection. Marks obtained by the candidates in the written exam and interview will be basis for their final selection.

After SSB interview candidates will be called for SSB 5 day round the dates for the same will be sent to the candidates E-Mail ID , the one uploaded by the candidate at the time of filling the form.

SSB interview is conducting in two stages , Stage 1 will consist of officer intelligence rating (OIR) and picture perception & descriptive test (PP & DT). The stage 2 will consist of interview, group testing officer task, Psychology test, conference. The whole process will carry 900 marks

SSB Rounds detail

SSB interview is carried out in the form of SSB rounds which are spread over a period of 5 days.

Day 1 (Screening test) – candidates will have to give and intelligence test which will consist of verbal and non verbal test along with picture perception test. In picture perception test a slide is shown to the candidates for about 30 seconds after that candidate have to write a story in that 3 minutes which is basically a picture perception descriptive test.

Day 2 (Psychological test) – It is organized by a Physiologist in set of written test to test the candidates psychological suitability. The test will start with TAT (thematic apperception test) which will be a picture story writing in which 11 picture are shown to the candidates each running for 30 seconds after that candidate will have to write a story of it in 4 minutes.

After that WAT (Word Association Test) is conducted in which a set of 60 words will be shown back to back for 50 seconds. Candidates will have to write the first thought that comes to their mind using those words.

After that SRT (Situation Reaction Test) which will consist of a booklet of 60 situations and candidate have to write their responses. After that candidate will have to appear for self description test in which candidate have to write their views in regard to their parents, themselves in a time period of 50 minutes.

Day 3& 4: Group Testing Officer task will consist of indoor and outdoor activities which will consist of group discussion, group planning exercise, progressive task, half group task, individual obstacles, group obstacles race, snake race, command task, lecturette, final group task.

Day 5: Conference basically means a little chat on different topics by SSB officials and candidates.

How to Crack SSB

The SSB Interview process not only tests you as a potential candidate but also as an officer. It test[s your officer like qualities and compatibility for the same. Candidate must focus on alertness & presence of mind, work on writing & interpretation skills. The aspirants must complete their task in systematic & organized way. Candidate must also focus on their listening and responding ability.

Candidate may take SSB Tips from the candidates who already qualified there SSB rounds. Along with this candidate must also make sure to improve their writing skills, with vocab. Vocab knowledge will help you win big. Candidate must take a proper diet, do regular exercise and should adapt himself to socializing.

SSB Books & Study Material

A book can change your life as it has been rightly said. At the time of preparation candidate must make sure to keep with them with some standard material as it will lead you to your dream.

Some of the books are SSB Interview:

  • The complete Guide, Let’s crack SSB Interview
  • Get success in SSB Interviews
  • Services Selection Board (SSB) Interviews
  • SSB Psychological Testing Book: Men & Women Commission Both

We hope the information regarding SSB Interview helps you in your preparation for defence exams. For any query related to SSB Interview process, you may drop a comment below and we will get back to you.

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