How to Prepare for Bank PO : Preparation Tips, Books & Study Material

Banking is one of the most elevated sectors of India. With e-Transactions, advanced technology bank no longer remains the same it used to be in 90’s where taking loan, savings money was the only purpose of banks. With such advancements selecting bank as a choice of career is the best option. But as it is truly said “selecting path is not as difficult as to go on and lead the path to destiny is.” This article will guide your way as to how can we crack Bank PO exam.

An Effective Time Table

With the evolution of banking sector the syllabus and cracking exam have become too difficult and everyone is trying so hard to get through it. So what will separate one from others is a Time Table and without any procrastination following it straight to achieve what others only dream about. An effective time table is one which consists of all the subjects with proper time management. Giving at least two hours to each subject is mandatory. It may vary from people to people depending on one’s weak and strong subject.

Study Material

More than getting started it becomes too difficult to find the best banking study material. A perfect study material can even change your weakest subject to the strongest subject. So being wise while selecting the study material is necessary. Below is one such bunch of books one must have.

Quantitative Aptitude

  • Quantitative Aptitude For Competitive Examination By R.S. Aggarwal
  • Advanced Mathematics For General Competition By Rakesh Yadav
  • Magical Book On Quicker Maths By M. Tyra


  • A Modern Approach To Verbal And Non Verbal Reasoning By R.S. Aggarwal
  • Analytical Reasoning By M.K. Pandey
  • A New Approach To Reasoning : Verbal , Non Verbal And Analytical By Indu Sijwali and B.S. Sijwali (Arihant)


  • A Mirror Of Common Errors By Ashok Kumar Singh
  • Word Power Made Easy By Norman Lewis
  • Objective General English By S.P Bakshi
  • High School English Grammar And Composition By Wren and Martin

Banking Awareness

  • Banking Awareness For Bank CLERK/PO/SO/RRB/RBI Exams By Disha Experts
  • Banking Awareness: The Complete Book For IBPS Bank PO And Clerk Examinations (Arihant)
  • Guide To Banking General Awareness & Banking Aptitude Test By RPH Editorial Board

Computer Awareness

  • Lucent’s Computer By Rani Ahilya
  • Computer Literacy And Knowledge For BANK PO AND BANK CLERK Exam By Kiran Prakashan

Self Study

It has always been a matter of discussion whether self study or coaching which one is better. Well choosing coaching is like having every study material in your hand in advance but if you  do not study on your own than coaching is of no use. So coaching is just the one of the part of this whole preparation but depending on it solely is not good and also self study is the foremost key to success. So it again totally depends on one’s comfort level but if someone selects coaching than self study is also important but if one selects self study than online study material with full determination and above mentioned books are must.

Preparation Strategy

With the changing face of competition the banking sector has grown tougher so if one chooses to do only pen paper practice and no online mock test which is the real time interaction with the exam could be one cause of one’s failure. It is highly recommended to do online mock test at regular interval of time and keeping the pace of your weak point and trying to improve them for the next mock test is must.

Time Management tips with Important Topics

Time management is the real candy of the exam. This whole exam runs around the time management how effectively you can use your time is the only key to success. Let us have a brief knowledge of important topics and Time Management for each subject:

Quantitative Aptitude Tips & Shortcuts

It has always been known for how fast your calculation is. So calculation with Vedic maths tricks is must. Other than calculation Data Interpretation is always the centre of attention of this exam. So practicing calculation and Data interpretation in addition to few miscellaneous topics is must.


This section always comes with surprises so having pace at each topic is must here. In addition daily practice of puzzle is highly recommended.


Reading, Reading, Reading is the only myntra to this section. Read daily one newspaper like The Hindu, The Economic Times, The Business Standard having a good command on the grammatical section is also must.

General Knowledge/ General Awareness

If you daily read a newspaper it automatically improves your General Awareness too. In addition to this Banking awareness book ought to be read at least once to have the detailed knowledge of what exactly Banking is. With time banking sector has included static part more so with news knowing their static part is requisite.

Banking sector is getting tougher and tougher with full of new surprises expecting one thing may not fare you well in the exams so being open to  changes and  not leaving even a single topic is the real key to success.

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